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In today's healthcare environment, mountains of data are generated with each physician visit, insurance claim, and payment.  Billing office management, already overwhelmed with day to day operations, rarely have time or resources to bring key collection and physician performance trends to light.  This is where Tetris Consulting can significantly impact your bottom line--by transforming these mountains of data into real time information that can effectively inform operational decision making for both healthcare client and the financial institutions that support them. 

Healthcare Billing and Collections Analysis Reporting
Using existing billing platforms, Tetris will create a customized set of real time reporting tools to maximize collections and physician.  Alternately, we can automate, streamline and increase the functionality of clients' existing processes.

Accounts Receivable Financing Analysis

Serving both financial institutions and physician practices, Tetris evaluates existing Accounts Receivables to provide a detailed and accurate overview that can effectively translate between the two sometimes disparate languages of healthcare and finance to inform lending decisions.

Customized Reporting Solutions
Tetris also provides customized solutions based on your specific needs.  Commonly, Tetris creates interfaces between divergent platforms, such as your HR and Accounting applications, to help clients streamline specific processes.  More in depth application design services are also available. 

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