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Why Hire Us?

Whether you choose to hire Tetris to streamline your existing processes or build an entirely new reporting system, you will benefit by increasing both collections and physician productivity.  No longer limited by slow processing, fixed reporting formats and employee time constraints, operational decision making will be enhanced by reporting that is:
All projects begin with the development of a data exchange process that creates an exact replica of your existing data.  Updated nightly, this process automatically runs key reports so that information is available to you and your billing office staff at the start of business each day.

You are no longer subject to error prone manual data entry and “copy and paste” reporting.  Our experience has shown the less the data is “touched” the fewer errors occur.

Employees no longer have to spend excessive amounts of time obtaining the data you seek.  Instead, they can better utilizing their skills by analyzing the information that is now immediately available to them.

Most clients’ current reporting systems rely exclusively on a set number of standard reports.  If changes can be made, the process may be time consuming and expensive.  To simply rerun a report with a date change, for example, can result in a several hour delay.  Tetris reports utilize the flexibility of Microsoft Excel pivot tables allowing the end user to make multiple changes quickly without compromising the source data.

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